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The power behind us


Till today our main sponsor is the Hip Hop community and its members who donate money to support us. For the future we wish to find a powerful partner and sponsor that help us running our projects in a more regulary and bigger scale to reach more children.


We would like to extend a special Thanks to our partners. They help us to bring this project forward and to let it grow. Without them we wouldn´t come as far as we have today! Big up!

Hall of Fame

A Special Thanks to special personalities! All these people here help us with mentionable support.

We want to say thank you for the bottom of our hearts for helping us in any way, whether that be through special donations, spreading our mission and work – or dedicating their time and their heart to what we are trying to achieve.

We want to say thank you! Thank you for believing in our project and still supporting us.

The world needs more people like you!

Christian Schneider
Christina Gellesi
Islam Seddiki
Michael Antenor
Jimmy Nguyen
Gianni PopNGee Esposito
Lenon Peachlum
Michael Niako Lamarre
Alexander Andrejewitsch
Rob TheBatak Lawray
Deborah Joos
Lil Shao
Melinda Jacobsson Silayan
DJ Vunky Lao
 Ivo Kleine Schaars
Gerrald Hekman

World Wide Support

Salah (France) supports Hip Hop 4 Hope

Niako (France) supports Hip Hop 4 Hope

Les Twins (France) support Hip Hop 4 Hope

BRUCE YAKANJI (France) supports Hip Hop 4 Hope

Majid MAGILLA Kessab (Germany) supports Hip Hop 4 Hope

Tight Eyez (USA) supports Hip Hop 4 Hope

Vicelow, Connie & Tisme (France) support Hip Hop 4 Hope