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Social Animals

We are social animals. For nature, capable of conceiving, of transmitting and learning totally abstract concepts, and by the moment has evidence that us in this are the only. Since it has studied  to the “homo” as such, it has been confirmed that the experience in community is a feature inherent in the human quality, our flavor. The idea of community has come up to us because it turns out to be much stronger than “Every man for himself”. In association it is shared, is learned, is taught; while some slept, others watched; the most wise were instructing, the strongest were hunting. Each one was adopting his role and for the community, a machinery that dismantled only they are pieces and in union and functioning, it is an engine.


What the community transmits is called a culture, so know we have two concepts: community and culture. They go of the hand, a thing does not exist without other one. The culture is the food and let’s say that the community… for continuing with the analogy, it is the plate. Round. Circle. As the huts that were constructed (and they construct) the aborigens, circular letter. As when you go of camping and without need of that no friend says it, you form a species of circle. The disposition of any group of persons: the teacher asks to do groups and they put in circle. To dance in a scene it is worthy, but a bboy that wants to be forged as such, knows that it is in the cypher where it has to demonstrate. And the cypher is to circulate.


Community, culture, cyphers.


Words strongly, design of union, sensation of fraternity. For me, it is what the hip hop represents.


Independently of everything it different that are the individuals of the same culture – after all, are 4 elements that work like expression and not even your brother of blood expresses like you, so the particularities of each individual are infinite – indistinctly, the idea of circle does not finish, there are no corners, continue turning, due to the fact that each one wants to work his distinction we know that it makes us equal. I think that, even the whole mixture that exists, forms a part of the fact that the community is prosperous and is consolidated. There would have come to our days a hip hop that had not stimulated, stimulated the own identity? This.


And finally, the fourth word, the fourth force, the fifth element: Knowledge.


If to any thing that you make you add passion and knowledge, it turns art. We can see two persons doing the same thing, one under obligation and other for pleasure and the difference is that the second one creates art. A person who studies for having the best notes does not provoke the same emotion that someone who studies what he studies for passion, the two can throw hours speaking with you but, your brain, only listens to the second.


We continue exemplifying in order that it remains very clear: the children. Some of them say that the children concentrate his interest in seemingly useless things, that his capacity of attention is very low and the non-experts say these things, these things say the people who want his son learns 3 languages at the same time for tomorrow to be the best – in what? in bling bling world-, but what happens when to a child you it make a detour of game, of colors, of music, when you provide an artistic environment to him? The child is concentrated.


Hip hop stimulates, impels, orientates. It is a wise hand that does not indicate the way to you but says, that there is one, still searching. BATTLING, state of mind. The community is a common wall of equality in which to support, the culture fills them and to fill them within. What the children will know what they want to be in future, they lack time and experience… What does exceed them? Energy, take advantage of it, what do they like? The amusement, use her and they, in exchange, will give you his attention, the only currency with which they can pay. You will be baking something in his interior and you will not tell them what to do to make it grow, because if you continue motivating his creativity, they will know alone how to do it, they will look alone for the way of doing it.


Let’s think about the origin, let’s have present: a reality in the bronx who was not pleasing, that it was not satisfying and was poor in all his senses and suddenly, route of leak. People danced, painted, wrote, were doing their music and they were feeling full, when they were bad they were dancing and when they were nice they were dancing more, an interior motivation was moving them, externally, what were they getting? They were not giving money, the police were chasing them, many people did not understand it. Why were they doing it? It turned out to be a channeling of feelings, a bearable way of confronting the reality. And all that, it is still clear in this community, today


Needless to say that this it is necessary to shout it to four winds for nobody in this circle forget. Needless to say that if you play without faith, you play with disadvantage. The hip hop gives more than it receives because it gives too much and, between many events, competitions that we can give in exchange for the culture grows and says ” Here I am “, between all that, which also it is possible to do, it is to support the conscience.


Hip Hop 4 Hope saving lives. Probably not literally, probably it is ‘channelling’ lives, giving them a reason to keep, a motive for being. Without anything, but to be, and there they are.
Written by Ruth Souza Gomes

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