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Registered Association (e.V.)

Since 2014 we are a registered association (e.V. = eingetragener Verein) called Hip Hop 4 Hope e.V.  –  a registrated non-protif / charity association in Germany.

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The mission and goals of our association is to support the Hip Hop culture, the kids and youth of social weak areas, 3rd world countries or conflict areas. To involve the kids into Hip Hop culture and share them the positive values and knowledge of this culture, help them to find an identity and to avoid street violence and drugs.

To achieve our goals we do the following things:

a. Organize Hip Hop workshops projects for kids and youth with international and local Hip Hop artists.

b. Organize Hip Hop charity events (Jams, Battles, etc.) that allow us to live the Hip Hop culture through its 5 elements and integrate affacted kids and youths of social problem areas.

c. Information and project presentation in public to share the real positive power of the Hip Hop culture.

d. Enlightenment of our projects and its culture through film documantaries.


Our Society is leaded and represented by

Stefan Müller (aka. Steve Won) | CEO & Founder
Deborah Joos | vice chairwoma
Jimmy Nguyen | treasurer

other members are:

Islam Seddeki
Vjay Shamar
Marc Grimme
Laila Weber



Hip Hop 4 Hope e.V.

Gänsfußallee 85
71636 Ludwigsburg
Telephone: +49 (0) 176 640 557 53


Register entry

Entry in Vereinsregister
Register Number: VR700906
Register Court: Amtsgericht Freiburg i. Br. – Registergericht –