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Bank Account

Hip Hop 4 Hope e.V.

Bank:    Volksbank Freiburg
IBAN:    DE89 6809 0000 0037 2276 09

Help us to inspire children.

To be a child means to have the right to a childhood.

The children we are helping experience poverty and violence on a daily basis, this leads to depression and desperation where they should see hope and a bright future. We want to make the change!

With the help of your donation we can run our projects to uplift and inspire children in different urban poor areas. All of our organisation workers volunteer. Nobody gets payed! All the donations we are using to run our projects.

Charity Shop

100% of the proceeds goes straight to our project!

Check out our Charity Shop! The proceeds supporting our projects!

You will find handmade necklaces & bracelets, as well as T-Shirts, Stickers and more. Show the people around you that you support Hip Hop 4 Hope! Or make a present for a friend to support a good cause.

Other Ways to Help

The most important thing we need to run the project is the money to cover the project costs. In addition to donations there are many other ways you can help our project too. Every bit of assistance helps!

To realize our goals in our projects, Hip Hop 4 Hope our non-profit association depends on donations and sponsors. Your financial support will ensure the accomplishment of our projects.

Don’t hesitate and become a part of Hip Hop 4 Hope! Let’s make Hip Hop history together!

Our project provides a huge of advertising opportunities. There are people from all around the world watching, interacting with and following our project. We can offer a selection of traditional advertising opportunities including your name/brand in our films, photos, websites, social media and merchandise but we are also open to being flexible and evolved in our methods to representing your brand through our content too, just ask! Let’s work together! Contact us and become a sponsor of our fantastic project – reach millions of people and get visibility seen by people from all over the world as leading partner who enabled our project to happen!

Are you about to plan your own event?

Would you like to support our charitable project Hip Hop 4 Hope with the proceeds? A countless number of our partners and supporters did it that way and we are very appreciative for it! Hip Hop 4 Hope also can benefit from being included in your advertising through flyers and posters as it helps to raise awareness.

Would you like to have a presentation by the Hip Hop 4 Hope Team about our projects at your event? We would love to come and showcase our work and story so far! Just invite us!

To support our project financially through your event you could raise and donate the entrance-fee in favor of Hip Hop 4 Hope or to organize a donation box! Every bit of assistance we get helps us on our journey to help others!

If you would like to be our partner we can’t wait to hear from you!

Another way to get involved and help us is to write a featured article about our projects on your website, blog or magazine, it helps us by spreading the word and raising awareness. Feel free to download our press kit, which includes pictures, sample articles and further information about the projects. If you need any additional information just contact us, we’d love to help.

Please tell your friends, family and other people about our mission, raising awareness does help! Please use your Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. to share our films, pictures and this site. Another way is to make a shout-out for us and show your friends that you support us!

To help by raising awareness feel free to download the official flyers about our project (.PDF file ). Print them in your local print shop. It would be incredibly if you could share them at your event or any other public spots to tell people about our mission.

Like any other organization we rely on volunteers with skills who are passionate about creating social change to help us to do great work! Do you have any contacts to people in special positions or with special skills that could help our mission? We believe in the power of Unity and people coming together to achieve success! Please feel free to get in contact to volunteer and connect us with your special contacts.


For further information or specific support requests, don´t hesitate to contact us!