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About Us

Behind Hip Hop 4 Hope e.V.

Our Philosophy

Hip Hop relies as ever on his five columns. It is still played, rapped, danced, tagged – and hotly debated.

But instead of that we focus only on the skills Hip Hop gives us, we want to remind ourselves how much our own steps characterize the Hip Hop community. Hip hop is not just music, style and prestige. It gives us meaning. Saves us. Makes life worth living. Gives us friends for life. Makes us a community, a culture.

Hip Hop is not ME. Hip Hop is WE.

It is there for you when you need it. Stop taking advantage of it, to give it false name, to glorify it, to insult it. Internalize its motives. Find out what it has to give you. And then give it to where others need it and be there where others need YOU.

Our Vision

Children should be full of dreams, ambition and hope. Our vision is to fight against drugs and street violence, to defend the youth using our means, our strengths and our passion. Dance can give wings to people, it can start new fires, which previously seemed extinguished and it can bring people together. Hip Hop was born and grew up on the streets. Our team brings together an incredible collective of very different people from very different origins, but whom all share the same passion, using Hip Hop for Hope.

Together, we fight street violence with street culture!

Our Team

Our international team is a carefully selected group of passionate people with high social competenceeducational skills, strong motivation and a big heart for children. Our team incorporates some of the greatest dancers in Hip Hop history known world wide known for their high level of skills and achievements. Our team will kindle the fire of motivation inside the kids soul like they did it with many other people in the past. The kids will have the opportunity to learn and get inspired directly by some of the greatest dance instructors of our time.

Executive Board

 Freiburg, Germany

Founder & CEO

Stefan Müller also known as filmmaker “Steve Won” is the founder of the Hip Hop 4 Hope e.V. and the main force to keep the project growing. He is studying to be a director for documentary films at the globally known film academy Baden Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. He maintainly leading the projects in Metro Manila, Philippines.

 Freiburg, Germany

Co-Project Manager

Deborah Joos is an enthusiastic dance- and art coach as well as a primary school teacher in Germany with a specialization on educational inequality and migration. She performs in international programmes against child labour and street childhood in European and Asian countries since 2010. Her efforts in intercultural matters aim at creating scopes for explorations of identity through visual arts, urban dance and music on the one hand and at language learning (German as a second language) on the other hand. In social groups the individual will be stimulated to discover the own self as a hybrid subject.

Hip Hop Artists

 Paris, France

Dancer – Workshop Leader

Niako is one of the most successful and popular Hip Hop-dancers worldwide at the time. He became world champion in 2008 and 2018 at the Juste Debout in Paris. Niako supports himself through dancing and through teaching it to children, teenagers and grown-ups all over the world. The love he has for Hip Hop and Asia and his passion for the work with children motivates him to share all his energy with them.

Paris, France

Dancer – Workshop Leader

Mufasa has been taking the international hip hop scene by storm in recent years.
Mufasa’s strong foundation and unique flavour make her stand out and bring a battle to life. Her musicality is impeccable and her energy keeps opponents guessing.

Our Story

What about us? How was Hip Hop 4 Hope e.V. created?, Well….

My wife (Deborah Joos) and me (Stefan Müller), began as a simple backpackers travelling in the Philippines, we developed a great love for the country and its people. During our journey we realzed that in Metro Manila, many children are suffering and are involved in violence and drug consume. The idea for the Hip Hop 4 Hope project came to us in a park in Bogo, Cebu, where we spent an afternoon together, hip hop dancing with local children, these children moved with an incredible passion for music and in that moment the troubles of their world seemed to be forgotten.

It seemed to us travelers, as if the Hip Hop groove has found in this country its home. Since we are dancers ourselves and previously have had a lot of experience working with young people in deprived neighborhoods, especily in our hometown Freiburg in Germany. We immediately knew how much positive impact Hip Hop and its culture could cause for children whose everyday lives are often accompanied by negative influences. In my hometown I experienced often how kids changed in a positive way when they get in touch with Hip Hop using it for something positive. We saw the fire as already starting and that with a bit of hard work that we could affect a huge positive change for people.

Our love for Hip Hop Culture is really deep, our urge to fight against the world’s injustices and show this to other people, gives us hope, confidence and inspires perseverance to make this project successful. We aim to continue to breathe life to Hip Hop 4 Hope, to realize the aims and to guarantee its continued existence, we have a carefully selected team of dedicated dancers and social workers behind us and we feel like we are pushing forward to effect positive social change!