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The famous and popular Hip Hop Dance Crew Philippine Allstars are proud to present the
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK Party that caters to kids from 6yrs- 17yrs old.

OCTOBER 7, 2018 at the RIVERSIDE STUDIOS IN MAKATI, the warehouse will be converted into a Dance Arena, with performances by emcees, beat box, graffiti, dance showcases, 1vs1 Battles and Group competitions.

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK aims to bring together the future generation of Hip Hop culture to come together and showcase their passion in the elements of Hip Hop. We believe that nurturing and giving kids their own platform in a global scale will enhance their skills and confidence and grow their identification for the culture to give back to the coming generation after them.

The event is the highlight of the 2-week workshop tour through the slums of manila with the
FLYING STEPS and other international professional dancers taking place.


A lack of opportunities leads innumerable street children of Manila, Philippines towards criminal gangs and drugs. In cooperation with a local team of dancers and social workers Hip Hop 4 Hope builds breakdance training spots for children and young people in Manila. Through regular workshops we give many young people an introduction to the peaceful and positive culture of Hip Hop dance.



Beside donating money for our Fundraising Campaign for the KIDS BLOCK PARTY, you also can help us alot by SHARING our Fundraising Campaign.
There are different ways to share depending what impact you have on which type of social media platforms.
The main site for our Fundraising Campaign is our project donation site at BETTERPLACE
Crowdfunding Website – Betterplace


In social media it´s more effective to share videos instead of homepage links. Thats why we created a different set of SOCIAL MEDIA videos for each platform.
For FACEBOOK you can share our YouTube Version or upload the FACEBOOK version by your own or share the FACEBOOK Video from our Hip Hop 4 Hope Facebook page. The benefit of YouTube is that it uses Subtitles in different languages. In case you upload the video, please don´t frget to include the Link to the FUNDRAISING SITE on BETTERPLACE.
We also created 2 versions for Instaram. One short 1min version for the news feed and one full length version for the new IGTV.
YouTube (EN + DE Subtitles) -> MAIN VIDEO
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