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Hip Hop 4 Hope | Our project Hip Hop 4 Hope - Information
Further Informations about our project Hip Hop 4 Hope - Charity project in Manila, Philippines
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Our Project

With street culture against street violence!

Our Vision

With street culture against street violence

The children and youth of Manila face street violence on a daily basis. This Street violence means fighting every day, young people fighting with people known to them for long time, fighting to stay alive and fighting with one’s self. It is a fight with drugs, knives and guns where long term friends can often turn into enemies in a split second.

Those doing the fighting are young people: children and teenagers whose life is determined by need to fight to survive in one of the worlds most challenging and impoverished slums.

These children should be full of dreams, ambition and hope. Instead they see dark holes, struggles and violence where they should see bright futures and possibilities. They should have the opportunity to live out their dreams and to find ways of improving their living situation by escaping the street violence which has become a daily part of their lives. That’s where Hip Hop can help them.

If Hip-Hop has the ability to corrupt young minds, it also has the ability to uplift them!
(KRS One)

Our vision is to fight against street violence in Manila (Philippines), to defend the youth using our means, our strengths and our passion. Dance can give wings to people, it can start new fires, which previously seemed extinguished and it can bring people together. Hip Hop was born and grew up on the streets, exactly like so many of our children in Manila. Our team brings together an incredible collective of very different people from very different origins, but whom all share the same passion, using Hip Hop for Hope.

Together, we will fight street violence with street culture!

Our Concept

Teach the youth and speak the truth - Show them what peace can do (MC Rakim)

Slum Girl – Photo by Tanja Demarmels

There are a lot of children in the Philippines for example in 2009, 35% of the 92 million Filipinas and Filipinos were under the age of 14. Unemployment, drug addictions and domestic violence are part of many families’ everyday lives, destroying many people and the concept of what family life should be. Children grow up in a hopeless environment where they have no opportunity to work for more than a little food. This leads to frustration and fear, often, these children have no other choice than to join street gangs. The drug trade, robberies, killings and prostitution become part of daily life for these young children, creating a vicious circle. The hope for a life with dignity seems to turn to dirt in the dusty streets of Manila.

With the help of an international team of dancers, social workers and film makers, we want to bring the Hip Hop culture back where it started: in areas plagued by poverty and injustice where people have no opportunity to build a balanced life with their basic needs, away from violence.

Together with numerous world renowned Hip Hop dancers (breaker) from different countries and in close cooperation with Onesimo, an aid organization active on the ground, we intend to build a series of dance (breaking) training spots, in March 2015. These venues will be open to all, providing long lasting opportunities for the children and youth of carefully selected slums in Manila.

Our aim is to give as many young people as possible an insight into the friendly and positive hip hop culture through workshops.



35% of the citizens of Philippines are under age of 14 years. (2009)


Slum Residents

Almost 50% of the citiezens of Manila are living in slums. (2011)

Our Goals

Every single young person who joins or builds a dance crew instead of a criminal gang is worth it!

The aim of our classes is for the participants to deepen their passion for Hip Hop and, after a while, to be able to then teach other children. Hip Hop started out as a small group of artists in the Bronx (New York) decided to change their community, instead of violence, drugs and crime they focused on peace, love unity and having fun, employing music, art and dance to be a positive and productive alternative, this has now become a worldwide cultural phenomenon which brings together people of all races and religions.

Hip Hop will lead the youth on a new path to discover and assert themselves, building confidence and aspiration. They are inexperienced in receiving applause and recognition in a society where their government tells them again and again that they are not welcome because of where they come from. Yet, sharing through dancing out on the streets has already brought them praise and applause. Dancing is their opportunity to get the recognition they’ve longed for and to gain self confidence, away from self-destroying activities. Hip Hop dance (breaking) is there to help these teenagers to develop their identity away from street violence.

Build attention

To shift the children’s attention for Hip Hop Dance instead of making trouble and being involved in crime.

Teach dance and values of Hip Hop

Teach the kids in street workshops with dance and knowledge about the values of Hip Hop (PEACE, LOVE & UNITY – stay away from violence and drugs)

Build up practice spots

Build up sustainable dance practice spots / Hip Hop communities in slum areas of Manila.

Filipinos for Filipinos

Motivate the local dancers and Hip Hop community to continue the charity work and keep on teaching the kids in the slums with weekly practice and jam sessions in slum areas.


Sustainability is a must for Hip Hop 4 Hope! Whilst working in Manila, we will build up training spots that will be used and cared for by the local youth. Onesimo will help us fulfill this responsibility. But the slum youth will also need role models and trainers after our core team leaves in April 2015. Local dance crews, like SAS Crew, Kings Crew and Philippine Allstars will keep on regularly teaching the street youth and therefore will have our financial support. That’s the only way for them to afford working hard for their livelihood and socially involving themselves through Hip Hop. Hip Hop 4 Hope is to become a long term partner in the slums of Manila, making Hip Hop available to anybody who needs it. Our first step towards that goal was to forge our association, Hip Hop 4 Hope e.V.. Through the association, we ask our supporters to financially help the project and also to help create documentation. This documentation explains the situation in Manila and opens up our circle of sponsors, which ensures the continuous financing of our work.


This project is supported by the internationally successful film team KAIZENPICTURES, whom will use the collected video material to produce a professional documentary. Using the strong representation of the Hip Hop scene around the world, the documentary will be sold worldwide. The sales will provide another source of finance and long-term security for what is a fantastic project!

Hip Hop 4 Hope is in the grip of different movie makers like: Steve Won (KAIZENPICTURES; director and camera man) and Julius Zemaitis (camera man).

Short Film about our project Hip Hop 4 Hope in Manila, Philippines.


Budget Breakdown

Total Budget: 40.000 €

  • Kids Teaching Program

  • Food and Accomodation

  • Documentary Production

  • Travel Costs

  • Marketing

  • Insurances


  • Private

  • Fundraising and Sponsors

40% (includes travel costs + food and accomodation) of the budget will be covered by or own team.  Every project member will try to cover his own costs until we collected the full amount of our budget through donations.

Kids Teaching Program

In order to be able to teach the dance classes to the kids in a sustainable and scheduled way, it is necessary to cover the logistical costs of making that happen for example to rent vans to transport the teachers to the various different training places in different parts of the slums.

In addition to that, we have costs associated with creation and delivery of the charity event in Manila, which is an inclusive community event inviting and including a huge number of street children and some of the best Philippine dancing crews. This increases the opportunity for people to experience the culture and for young people to engage with the arts but also shows them an example of how good they can become if they practice hard enough and so raises aspiration.

The major part of the budget is assigned for the Philippine dance teachers, who are going to teach the kids in the slums after the official project phase in March 2015 with the international artists has ended thus insuring a fantastic legacy for the work we’ve created. This is the only way to establish the dance scene in the poor districts of Manila in the long term and which motivates and inspires providing new perspectives to the young people living there.

Due to poverty, these dancers who go on to become the legacy team for Hip Hop 4 Hope by providing classes in the long term can not usually afford to enjoy social commitments and activities, as they often need multiple jobs to feed their own families. We think it fair that these fantastic local artists should receive fair compensation for all of their hard work in committing their time to teach.

Food and Accomodation

In order to cater for the international team we opt to source cheap street food in order to keep costs to a minimum. Artists will stay with host families and in simple budget hotels during each iteration of our international project. Additionally, each project members pledges their support and that they will cover their own food and accommodation costs until we raise the full amount of financial support and fund raising activities. Ideally, we look to work with Artists and volunteers who are willing to come and be a part of the movement but who also cover their own costs as we feel this allows us to direct any funds into teaching more children with the funds we raise.

Documentary Production

We create great documentary films, which are produced on a voluntary basis.

We do try to provide a minimum base for covering the cost of living expenses during the production period to enable our editor to create the film to allow for a small amount of compensation for a lot of hard work, the result of which helps us to raise more awareness and inspire more people to become part of the movement. Other costs associated with production of the documentary include the rental fees for the required film equipment and any memory required to store the footage. Once the distribution of documentary creates any income, it is invested back directly into the project.

The documentary is important for us to make on this project and the positive values of Hip Hop visible and communicated to people all around the world which are Peace//Love//Unity and Having Fun. This documentary should inspire other people to be more active to help other people.

Travel Costs

Travel costs for being part of the project are initially self-financed from the Core Team. Each participant accepts their own travel expenses for March 2015, including the cost of food and accommodation. This applies until the project can be 100% funded by money raised from our various fund raising activities.   Travel costs include the arrival and departure by locally by train and internationally by plane.


Some parts of the Marketing budget relate to costs for the production of the Hip Hop 4 Hope website, the costs of printing the posters and flyers and other promotional materials and also the travel costs for promotional tours. These marketing activities help us to add value to our project thus raising awareness and further support ensuring we can continue to create the work.


We attribute part of our budget to cover a number of insurances directly related to our project, which include technical equipment insurance for the film equipment but also international health insurance for the participating artists who help to make this work happen.

We need your help! Support us now! Every donation counts!