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Hip Hop 4 Hope – Slum fire victims need help!

Hip Hop 4 Hope – Slum fire victims need help!

Hip Hop 4 Hope is a charity project that uses Hip Hop
as a tool to uplift young kids in the Slum areas of Manila in the Philippines
to keep them away from street violence and focus their energies on more positive pursuits.

In 2014 our team taught hundreds of children
In a slum called Frisco which is situated in Metro Manila, Philippines

On the 1st of January 2015 the Frisco slum burned down completely.
Over 20,000 people lost their homes and have now become homeless and destitute as a result of this sudden disaster.

The newspapers reported that some children were playing with fireworks…

In the recent history of Manila it’s not the first time that the slums have been burned down in order
for the local government or private businesses to move the people away from their homes, in order to get the land for free to build new hotels, shopping malls or commercial buildings without opposition from residents.

Over 4,000 families (20.000 people) lost their home.
These people were living in this slum for more than 20 years.

Just 23€ (23 Euros) can help 1 whole family with a new tent,
Blanket, Eating utensils (Plates, Drinking glass),
Cooking utensils, a Mat, and Pail/Bucket to collect water, these basic items will help a displaced family to survive and to start putting their lives back together!

Please HELP us to HELP our future Breaking students!


Hip Hop 4 Hope e.V.
Bank:    Volksbank Freiburg
IBAN:    DE89 6809 0000 0037 2276 09
Reference: FIRE FRISCO

Hip Hop 4 Hope e.V.

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